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A Tale of Infinite Cities Wallpaper (3440x1440) by MessyPandas A Tale of Infinite Cities Wallpaper (3440x1440) :iconmessypandas:MessyPandas 10 1 RoundSound - Visulizer + Now Playing For Spotify by CTurner314 RoundSound - Visulizer + Now Playing For Spotify :iconcturner314:CTurner314 22 22 MG modified TIE ln starfighter tech readout [New] by unusualsuspex MG modified TIE ln starfighter tech readout [New] :iconunusualsuspex:unusualsuspex 129 14 KLWP DJ by homebridge KLWP DJ :iconhomebridge:homebridge 8 0 LYRA by neiio LYRA :iconneiio:neiio 248 84 Paper by neiio Paper :iconneiio:neiio 389 79 Placebo for Windows 10 by neiio Placebo for Windows 10 :iconneiio:neiio 219 63 Fetch by neiio Fetch :iconneiio:neiio 871 111 Arc Icons by neiio Arc Icons :iconneiio:neiio 360 50 Hidden Path Audio Barrage Kontakt Library GUI by ScottKaneGUIs Hidden Path Audio Barrage Kontakt Library GUI :iconscottkaneguis:ScottKaneGUIs 5 5
INFP Dating and Relationships
I found this FANTASTIC and frighteningly accurate article on relationships with INFPs (like me). It is so accurate it scares the crap out of me! XD
INFPs have a terrible reputation in relationships. supposedly, we have more trouble then any other type. lovely, right?
#1 You must understand that your INFP needs space sometimes.
Back off and don't pester them. If you're an Extrovert, then you'll get annoyed or confused by this need they have. But just remember, if you stay levelheaded, your INFP will come back with a fresh mind and a new appreciation for the relationship. In this case, absence really does make the heart grow fonder!
#2 You have to accept your INFP's creative side.
You might not understand the method to their madness sometimes. That's okay. Just be loving towards them and accepting. And in the end, you might be pleasantly surprised.
#3 You have to be able to talk sense into your INFP.
Don't be forceful in doing so. Despite their type, INFPs can be very lo
:iconluxcor6:LuxCor6 27 17
Inside of my mind are a million thoughts.
I can swim in them like an open sea.
I pour over words with dire intent,
Indefinite if the world will ever mend.
No matter where I go, I see things that need fixed.
Never-ending is the sea of strife and agony.
Never will I be able to cure the blight
Nestled deep in the heart of humanity.
Forever is my journey, perhaps to never end,
Finding union of my mind, soul, and flesh.
For what good is this being if not tethered together?
Freedom through the tight bonds of unity.
Pressured to 'blend,' assimilate into one,
Practically molten and poured into a mold.
Perfect, I am, though, just as I was born.
Phantasms, some of the toughest obstacles to clairvoyance.
:iconevryrosehasitsthorns:evryrosehasitsthorns 7 2
I was told I was crazy
With imagination.
I dream of a better world
But lazy to take action.
:iconwarm-vibe:Warm-Vibe 4 1
This Is Me - INFP
I'm an INFP,
A rare occurrence -
You see;
I am alone,
Drifting in this vast sea.
Rarely do I find someone,
Who understands me.
I hope for a world of virtue,
Dispite the fact,
That I know it isn't true.
I have my ideals,
Though you have yours, too.
I speak in metaphors,
Like a sphinx would to you.
Self-Expression is what I strive for,
and I could do without,
fame and galore.
I revel in the enigma,
that is my very core.
Revealing it in tidbits,
through fiction and more.
I may not speak,
for I like to think.
Though I am not meek;
For I have a fire within me.
Others of my kind, I seek.
Since loneliness can overwhelm
That part of me I consider weak.
They call me "poetic".
And sometimes I can think myself,
Depressingly pathetic.
I may be a bit independent-
When it comes to ethics.
A shell I build,
to hide from others' antics.
I can be a selfish creature,
I choose to think that it's because,
of this world's evil nature.
I may become a bit to teary-eyed,
at my gentle hope's departure-
But this
:iconpoeticotaku:PoeticOtaku 11 11
order is orderless
I go on my instincts
I feel things are right.
I express myself inwardly.
social situations exhast me.
:iconinfp:infp 21 4
I am INFP 2
I am INFP 2
Outside - cool, calm, kind;
Deeper - rage, fear, devotion;
Iron bars between.
Patience, compassion,
Reserved, quiet smiles to
Mask the world within.
Morning, the plant grinned
I smiled, named it “Lawrence”
You scowled; I’m hopeless.
Honour, pride, fealty
I hold close; you smile and talk
About X-Box games.
Stranger, stranger, you
Don’t see all that I see and
I weep for your loss.
:iconfadinglightofglory:FadingLightOfGlory 17 14


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United States
I am creative, but here I realize that I am not an artist. I am here for inspiration, ideas, and ingestion of eye candy. What an awesome community of REAL artists here!

I do mixed-media/paintshoppro manipulation, creating collages with various hidden messages (into crytology as a hobby). I do not post as most of the images used are from the internet and may violate copyright. I use my art for personal display. I am quite good at photoshop-type editing and would be willing to help an artist with this on request. There would be no fee for such assistance.


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